New Grieg Album out soon with Vineta Sareika !

On the 30th of March 2018, our last CD album with be released with Vineta Sareika on the violin. 

We are very happy to present an integrale of the Grieg violin sonatas!

You can meet us at the release-concert on the 30th of March at 12.30 in Brussels, Flagey

MU-024 Grieg, Violin Sonatas (V. Sareika - A. Savary) - Cover.jpg




Trio Dali's 10th year anniversary !

For its birthday, Trio Dali will be performing on a tour with Musica Viva in Australia in November this year !

crédit photo : Keith Saunders

We are very happy to celebrate Trio Dali's 10th year with a wonderful season of concerts.



Wigmore Hall recital with Jack Liebeck on 26/09/16

After a great evening at Théâtre du Chatelet in Paris last week end with Trio Dali, very happy to prepare for our next recital at Wigmore Hall in London with Jack Liebeck on the 26th of September ! Please come along for a musical sunday morning ! For breakfast : Schubert - Copland and.. Brahms !